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The Science of Wishing...

One of my favorite possessions is this Wishkeeper, the inspiration of Hawaii Artist Matt Lovein. It is the focal point of two realms, my physical office and my thoughts, concerns, and oh, yes... wishes! I use it as a Talisman, an object to help focus the only real power, the power of thought. In doing so, true magic can happen. An so it can with you. A wise man once said that "magic and miracles are the natural evolution of things and events, with one element removed.... time."

-Alyce Khasday


"Be prepared to ride the cycles and trends of life; success is never permanent and failure is never final." --
Brian Tracy



"Beyond her excellence in business and skill in managing people, Alyce Khasday has shown my family an expertise and dedication that rivals any doctor in the field of personal counseling. Words alone can not adequately express our gratitude toward her."
-Dr. H. G., Psychiatrist, New York


"In a man's world, Alyce Khasday is an extraordinary negotiator with top-notch management skills. She thinks clearly and performs extremely well under pressure, all the while demanding excellence out of her associates. Her entreprenurial ingenuity is marvelous to behold."
-R. B., Esq., International Joint-Ventures Attorney

"As a Psychic Consultant, Ms. Khasday transformed my life and my direction. In a very short time I evovled from a Hawaiian shirt and a pony tail, to the International Lecture Circuit. She even got me published!"
-P. C., author/lecturer

"IS SHE PSYCHIC? Just read this! Two days after 9/11 We were walking with Ms. Khasday to dinner on New York's Upper East Side. I have known her for years and was aware of her marvelous psychic abilities but they had never been tested like they were about to be!

"Suddenly police cars arrived from three directions and the streets were instantly closed off. I asked the nearest officer what was happening. "Evactuate the area immediately," he exclaimed, "It's a bomb scare." He pointed urgently to an abandoned suitcase in the middle of 2nd Avenue at 81st, some 30 meters away. My heart went to my throat. I turned to Ms. Khasday to find her calmly closing her eyes while taking a deep breath. She then shook her head and said, "There's nothing in the suitcase but clothes." The police had their hands full and Alyce refused to walk ten blocks out of the way to our restaurant a block away. We contuined through the barricade while everyone else continued their evening of terror.

"Ask yourself, is her psychic ability a helpful attribute in your life ....has Alyce's amazing ability to simply KNOW if a stock or mutual fund will show gains or losses.? You bet your socks, it is!"

-W.C., Vietnam combat veteran































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